The 5 key competencies 

The programme is structured around 5 key competencies providing students with expertise in the sales function.

At the end of the programme, they will have developed a set of skills detailed here below: 



Establishing a marketing, sales and customer-oriented strategy to optimize the value chain of a company, organization or project.

  • on the basis of the analysis of the context of the different functions of the company
  • taking into account its economic, geographical, sociological and competitive context
  • by taking into account the national and international legal constraints that apply to it
  • by adopting a specialist position in the field of commercial management
  • by demonstrating critical thinking, ethics and scientific rigour



Implementing the commercial management of a company, organization or project.

  • by implementing the business strategy established for the company, organization or project
  • by paying attention, in a holistic perspective, to the interactions between its different functions
  • by taking advantage of the specific traits of an increasingly digitized environment
  • by integrating effectively into the work of a multidisciplinary and international team, particularly in the position of leader
  • by demonstrating critical and ethical reflection in relation to one's business practices 



Implementing performance and commercial quality control within a company, organization or project.

  • using the appropriate dashboards 



Communicating effectively about one's company, organization or project, both internally and externally.

  • in at least three languages including English
  • taking into account the specific traits of a multicultural and international environment
  • by mobilizing relational attitudes and skills and appropriate communication/facilitation techniques



Adapting one's managerial practices to the needs of a constantly changing world.

  • by being attentive to societal, economic, political and environmental issues
  • by demonstrating university-level curiosity and scientific rigour
  • by demonstrating creativity, autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit
  • by developing one's expertise from a continuous training approach. 
Last update :08/04/2019