Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics


Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics


Research activities in the fields of supply chain management (SCM) and business analytics (BA) are focused on analyzing data collected from a variety of sources and decision making informed by data analysis and supported by optimization techniques, with the aim of enabling enterprises and organizations to improve their service levels and operational efficiency, in particular in the context of supply chain and logistics management.


These are some of the highlights of our domain for this past academic year:



Expert Field for International Recognition

Our domain has been awarded as expert field for International Recognition by HEC Research based on the citations of our research publications for the past 2 years! Discover more about our recent contributions on the school’s research report 2018 and through the Website of the research centre QuantOM. 



Helping the medical world to improve their search for relevant information 

This article by Ashwin Ittoo has already been cited 12 times since it was published in 2017.

In this study, a formal terminology, known as the Q-codes, was designed from facts extracted from medical articles using machine learning.

The Q-codes served as the basis of a semantic search engine, enabling medical practitioners to search for relevant information from medical documentation. The search engine can be accessed through

This research was performed by an international team of scientists, spanning Belgium (University of Liège/HEC Liège - A. Ittoo, and University of Ghent), USA (University of Texas), France (CHU Rouen), Brazil (University of Sao Paulo), and Italy (Istituto di Informatica e Telematica).  

The article (and many others on Q codes) can be accessed on ORBI.


Designing drones for transporting biological material

Sabine Limbourg presented her paper “Designing unmanned aerial vehicle networks for biological material transportation” during the Transport Research Days, organized by the Benelux Interuniversity Association of Transport Researchers (BIVEC-GIBET) in May.

Co-authored with Jeremy Dhote (from Akka Benelux) and initiated as part of a research project with Belgian company Drone4Care, her paper addresses the problems faced by the medical industry to deliver biological material more efficiently using drones. You can access the abstract and key takeaways via ORBI.