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Lisein Olivier
B51 - boulevard du Rectorat, 19 - 4000 Liège

Category: Académique

Functions :
  • Department : Management, Associate Professor
  • Field of research : Changing workplace and strategic HRM, Professor

Research centers :
  • LENTIC (Laboratoire d'études sur les nouvelles formes de travail, l'innovation et le changement)

Institutional responsabilities :
  • Concentration Leader, Intrapreneurship and Management of Innovation Projects
  • Responsable académique, Certificat Universitaire en Project & Change Management

Degree certificates :
  • 2002 : Degree in Advanced Studies (DEA) in Management.
  • 2000 : Master in Management
  • 2009 : Ph.D. in management

Doctoral thesis: Businesses e-commerce strategies within the legal framework: an exploratory analysis of risk-taking in the Belgian context

Biography: Olivier Lisein, PhD in Management Sciences, is Associate Professor at HEC Liège - Management School of the University of Liège (where he teaches several courses in Change Management, Management of Innovation Projects, and Management of Organizations, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels), Academic Head of the Master in “Intrapreneurship and Management of Innovation Projects” (HEC - ULiège) and of the Certificate in "Project and Change Management" (HEC Liège Executive School), and Senior Research Associate at LENTIC, a multidisciplinary research and action-research laboratory of HEC Liège focused on innovation dynamics and change processes. Olivier’s main research and teaching interests are focused on strategic, organizational and human aspects of innovation processes, change management, digitization, and inter-organizational partnerships; he also questions the intrapreneurial dynamics within private companies and public organizations (their nature, the factors likely to boost intrapreneurial behaviors, and their consequences in terms of innovation). Besides his research and teaching activities, Olivier also conducts expertise missions in private businesses and public institutions on issues related to strategy, organizational design, process optimization, and change management.

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