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Moreau Charlotte
B33 - place des Orateurs, 1 4000 Liège

Category: Scientifique

Functions :
  • Department : Management, Assistant Professor
  • Field of research : Social enterprise and business ethics, Senior Researcher

Research centers :
  • CES (Centre d'Economie Sociale)

Degree certificates :
  • 2010 : Master in Human Resources Management
  • 2016 : Ph.D. in management
  • 2013 : Thematic Doctoral Program in Management (Doctoral School)

Doctoral thesis: Professionalization of human resource management in social enterprises

Biography: Holding a master degree in sociology (Institut des Sciences Humaines et Sociales ULg), Charlotte Moreau first started at HEC-ULg as a teaching assistant of Professor F. Pichault. She was a research fellow at the research center LENTIC and worked there on restructuring observation (case studies), on well-being and work conditions in contact centres (Diract), and on organisational diagnostic on a Belgian cabling enterprise. At the same time, Charlotte was also a research fellow at the Centre for Social Economy where she carries out a European research on the managerial guidance in Social Economy based on intrinsic skills, competences and values. Charlotte Moreau is now doing her PhD on the professionalization of human resource management in social enterprises with Sybille Mertens and François Pichault.

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