Daily Internationalization

In addition to the 'internationalization at home' provided to students at HEC, the international relations team encourages students to combine several opportunities for studying and/or working abroad:

  • At bachelor level:
    • A study period abroad (106 options, covering English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and French speaking options and our two bachelor programs) or the option of a one year double-degree course through the French-German program
    • A short field trip, led by one academic in conjunction with a regional company, in relation to the export sector. This activity is supported by AWEX (the Walloon Export and Investment Agency)
  • At master level:

At HEC Liège it is our objective to BE.International” in our daily environment, as the following illustration demonstrates: 




Note that learning foreign languages is compulsory from the start of the bachelor program. At master level, most courses, and indeed several specializations, are completely taught in English.  + More...

These international experiences enable our students to:

  • Improve their knowledge of and proficiency in at least one foreign language,
  • Gain an appreciation or even a deep knowledge of a foreign culture and society,
  • Socialize with people from all over the world,
  • Experience other pedagogical, working and/or assessment methods,
  • Be open-minded and open to our global world and economy,
  • Start building their future network,
  • And finally, to develop a desire to pursue an international career.
Dernière mise à jour : 11/01/2018