Research Seminars at HEC

HEC Liège has developed a 'research-oriented' culture by supporting the organization of research seminars, workshops and conferences. We organize monthly research seminars by academics (mostly from external institutions) on four topics: management, economics, finance and operations. The access to our seminars is free. We should also mention the joint seminar series organized at the NBB with other Belgian universities (more info at

The objective of this seminar series is twofold :
·        promote and encourage the taste for research in management & economics;
·        create a space for meeting and exchange between researchers sharing similar areas of interest.

You will find past and present agendas and abstracts on the seminars dedicated website.


Agenda of research seminars



Elisabeth Rodriguez Heck
Business Analytics and Quantitative Methods
tel +32 4 232 73 71

Marie Lambert
Finance, Comptabilité, Contrôle et Droit
tel. +32 4 232 74 32

Gregory Jemine
Florence Lanzi

tel +32 4 366 31 35

Joseph Tharakan
tel +32 4 3663121

We kindly ask you to send the questions you might have relative to the management and/or organization of research at HEC to the address > 

Last update :10/10/2018