Online Executive Master in Management

Are you looking for a management course for yourself or your employees, with a preference for an adaptable, flexible formula that will enable you to combine your private life with your professional life?

Do you want to develop your skills so that you can advance professionally toward a middle management position?

HEC Liege (ULg), Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (ULB) and the Louvain School of Management (UCL) are jointly offering the Online Executive Master in Management (OEMM) a distance learning course combined with an e-support approach to professional development.   

This course is organized by the Campus Virtuel en Gestion (Virtual Management Campus), a project led in partnership by the 3 Management Schools, with the support of the European Social Fund.

It provides 60 credits and is organized completely as a distance learning course. However, all participants must attend three times:  two residential seminars and a day for the end of the Business Game.

The strengths of the course

  • An (almost) entirely distance learning course.
  • Modules constructed and taught by professors from the 3 partner Management Schools (HEC Liege, Solvay, LSM), all experts in their field  
  • Contents and teaching activities chosen in order to develop key manager skills
  • An e-support approach to professional development toward a managerial career
  • Extra activities connected to the concrete reality of companies
  • Debates, exchanges and sharing between participants, focused on their grassroots experience.


The program is focused on present and future needs of companies and the key skills required for a position with managerial responsibilities.

It comprises 5 modules (including a final Business Game):

  • Leading the company in a changing world
    Designing and developing a strategy in a context characterized by "turbulence":unforeseeable, non-stop technological developments, globalization, new “game rules” in every field.
    Subjects dealt with: company strategy, strategic intelligence, CEO Agenda
  • Responding to the needs of innovation and managing the dynamics of change
    Subjects dealt with: management of change, creativity and innovation, management of innovative projects.
  • Giving meaning to data in order to measure, analyze, decide and create value 
    Creating operational value by giving meaning to data (analyzed from the financial, marketing and logistic viewpoints).
    Subjects dealt with:  use of data and mathematical techniques, marketing and digital transition, finance / analytical accountancy, logistics.
  • Inspiring, empowering and communicating to encourage your employees to cooperate in achieving the task(s) of the organization. 
    Subjects dealt with: leadership, companies’ responsibility to society, interpersonal communication.
  • Maneuvering systemically and prospectively (Business Game)
    Mobilize learning in a transversal and integrative way by immersing the participants virtually in a competitive organizational environment in which they act as company managers.

It is also possible to register separately for one or more modules.


In addition to the teaching modules, each participant following the full program is supported individually and online for his/her professional development. This process includes three steps:

  • an e-assessment at the beginning of the course (assessment of skills, aptitudes for management, roles in a team),
  • regular online conversations with a support supervisor throughout the 2 years of the course duration (discussion about the participant’s project, his/her motivations, wishes, strengths, weaknesses etc.),
  • consideration of personal branding (setting out his/her career plans).

Admission and registration

Access to the Online Executive Master in Management is by an application and selection process.

Candidates must:

  • hold a university degree (master or first degree) in a field other than management;
  • hold a baccalaureate or graduate degree in a field related to management and be able to show 5 years of relevant professional experience.

If this is not the case, admission may be possible by presenting a VAE application to the Scientific Committee of the program.


Here are some testimonials from former participants:

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