Managerial training programs for companies

At the crossroads where the academic world and company life meet, HEC Liege Executive Education offers you a fabulous laboratory of creative, audacious learning.


The continuous training programs rest on 4 pillars:


Before or during learning, our constant objective is to make you progress from your reality and what is going on at the grass roots. The models, the solutions and their implementation are designed with you and for you.



Our experience has shown that people learn better when learning is combined with experience.  Theory is indispensable in order to decode reality, but it must come after experience.  Consequently, our training programs are based on action and the pleasure of learning.



After starting from grass-roots experience, it is important to take a step back and analyze experience gained, with a new vision.  We ensure you gain a range of key tools in order to understand things from different perspectives and to choose the models that are the most appropriate depending on the context.



What are you going to do with everything you have learned?  Creating the link between the participants’ program and their reality is one of our priorities. Accompanying organizations to gauge the impact of these transfers of knowledge / skills is one of our strengths.


Measuring satisfaction is good.  Measuring impact is much more useful  


HEC Liege Executive Education offers a whole range of continuous training programs for companies

Executive MBA

  • Managerial training leading to a degree
  • High level, multilingual program
  • International network
  • For experienced managers and High Potentials

Executive Degrees (out of hours classes)

  • University degree
  • Out of hours classes for people who are working during the day
  • Few similar programs in Belgium
  • Well-tried program in French

Customized training programs (in-company)

  • Talks, seminars, training programs combined with projects, master classes, support and advice
  • Design based on your specific situation, your practices and tools
  • E-learning options, possibilities of certification for skills gained
  • Multilingual experts and professors  

Specific programs

  • New skills for companies and their employees
  • Training programs in French or English
  • Practical skills directly related to the grass roots
  • A different way to learn
Last update :25/06/2018