Financial products are becoming increasingly sophisticated and the tools of financial engineering are becoming increasingly complex.  The internationalization of capital markets augments the complexity of the problems to be dealt with.  Financial managers are faced, on a daily basis, with questions of coverage for risks of exchange rates and interest rates.

The objective of the Finance option is to learn to master

  • the various financial markets (international markets, futures, conditional markets etc.) 
  • advanced financial management techniques such as optimum management of portfolios. 


This training combines

  • theory and practice: all the theoretical elements discussed are illustrated by concrete cases
  • quantitative aspects (modeling, algorithms etc.) of the mechanics of financial products and management methods
  • IT tools and multimedia technology (for example, use of the Salle des Marchés (“Market Room”), a financial simulation tool that is unique in the Community of Wallonia-Brussels.  This is a room equipped with the best financial information interfaces and modules simulating stock exchange operations.

Timetable :

Courses held on Tuesdays and Thursdays are partially recorded in audio and video. However, for certain activities, personal attendance at Liege remains necessary, in particular on Saturdays, when no courses are recorded.

Last update :17/01/2018