Master Specializing in Tax Law

Master’s Degree Specializing in Tax Law in collaboration with the Law faculty of the University of Liege


Taxation is a determining element in managerial decisions, because it is a particularly large expense for companies and individuals.  This cost must be fully understood by CEOs and their advisors.  All charges for tax must be assessed because they often determine the economic validity of managerial decisions.

International taxation is also taking on importance of the first order in view of the broad European market and the globalization of the economy.  The complexity and rapidity with which this matter is developing entail the need for specific training and regular updating. 


  • This program covers Belgian, European and international tax viewed pragmatically by specialists in the field.  Tax laws change frequently.  Hence all specialists must not only possess a sound basis but also regularly update their knowledge.  This is why this training program is completed by updating seminars dealing with recent reforms.
  • This specialized Master’s degree is recognized by the OBFG (Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophone – Belgian Order of the French and German Language Bars) with 60 points of continuous training, and the isolated modules are recognized with 1 point per hour of training, with a maximum of 60 points per academic year.  




Courses held on Tuesdays and Thursdays are partially recorded in audio and video. However, for certain activities, personal attendance at Liege remains necessary, in particular on Saturdays, when no courses are recorded.

Last update :01/07/2019