Degree Seeking students

High level education in a multicultural environment

Are you seeking to widen your horizons and continue your studies?  
HEC Management School – University of Liege (Belgium) is the right choice for you!
Located in the heart of Europe, HEC Liège has a long intellectual tradition combined with close partnerships with national and multinational companies.
With us, you will live in a fertile multicultural environment. This cultural diversity is one major advantage of our study programmes:  it allows the development of intercultural skills that are essential in an ever more globalised working context.

20% of HEC Liège student population comes from abroad

degree seeking students

35% of International Master students


75 nationalities represented at School’s level


degree seeking students

At HEC Liège, study in one or several languages and live in a fertile multicultural environment. 

We offer you

Two Bachelor degrees (180 ECTS credits) :

Several full English Masters of Science (120 credits) :

  • in Management (specializations in Finance and Marketing)
  • in Economics (specializations in Economics & Finance or Economics & Society)
  • in Business Engineering (specializations in Financial Engineering, Performance Management & Control, Supply Chain Management)

Two full English one-year Master studies (60 ECTS) :

A PhD Training program in our Doctoral School


Student testimonies 

I chose HEC for my Master because of the  image of the university and the many good opinions from my friends who are studying here now  or have studied here before. 

Kristiana Yancheva (Bulgaria), Master in Marketing student



I have learned here a totally different training. I can’t be more satisfied having classes with teachers whose CV is impeccable, the study here is exigent and the pressure is high level, but, who said that the best things are easy? HEC Management School – University of Liege is a good School, good University and I am absolutely positive with my experience here.

Diana Aguilar (Colombia), Master in Management student



After graduating, I started working for Deloitte Germany. In my opinion, the double degree is a great way to enhance your chances in finding a job. Adding an international component to your curriculum is a great way to signal to employers that you are willing to go the extra mile. On top of that, mastering another language is a great asset in your career.
I advise students to try and meet as many new people from all around Europe to increase their personal network.
Personally, I think that the skill portfolios offered at HEC Liège are a great asset of the university. You get to know a new way of thinking, The class „increasing your presentation skills“ teaches my new insights in extremely interesting presentation techniques.

HEC Liege double degree Alumni (2017 – Master in Economics & Finance), Max Haug on his life after graduation


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